So this is it. I launched my new blog over at blogger and I am quite happy with it. I just added the first post to it (featuring an update on Eternal Promise). I thank everyone who followed me on this blog over the last four years, your lovely words when I didn’t feel good and your encouraging comments kept me going more than once. I would be honored (after all, I am a “Lady” now πŸ˜‰ ) to meet some of you at my new place, the mighty castle of Stitch-a-Lot!.
I am not importing my old blog posts because it is truly time for a change. So I am not planning on deleting this blog anytime soon, but there won’t be any updates here anymore =)
The new address is
The great thing about blogger is, that google friend connect is working with it, so it’s way easier to follow people there πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I thank all of you once more for following this blog for so long, I will of corse continue following you blogs =)


YOTA & News concerning this blog

Well, it’s the first Saturday in March, so it’s time for YOTA again. I didn’t get as much done on Theatre as I had hoped, but it’s still some visible progress. I still have some trouble with my Qsnap, because the tension loosened so much. I tried boiling the clamps, but it didn’t held much. Then I read that one should wrap the something around the clamps while boiling them, wich I tried and now the clamps are a bit to tight. But I just hope that this will get better as I use them. I know there are some replacement clamps, but I couldn’t find them in Germany and imposting them is nearly as expensive as a new frame, so if the clamps remain as tight as they are now, I guess I will go for a new frame.
But now for my progress on QS Theatre of the Absurd Trypic:

Last YOTA:

And now:

So we are getting there, slowly but but steadily…

As for this blog, I guess this will be my last real post on this blog (apart from a “hey, the new blog is up!-post). I am currently playing around with blogger/blogspot and I already created a blog. It will take a few more days until everything works (so many new gadgets, I am playing around with the layout and so on) and I will post when it is ready. But soon I will be known as Lady Stitch-a-lot and my new home will be

So I am going to take a look at the other YOTA posts and then add a few stitches to Eternal Promise =)

WIPocalypse – March edition

Well, February has gone by in no time, but somehow I got a bunch of stitches in. I am very happy with my progress and hope to continue with this speed πŸ˜‰ And besides stitching a lot I still manage to read one book after the other. I had my last exam today (it was put off) and made it with best mark (yay me!) and now there is just my master thesis left to write. Time just flies by! And now it’s time for WIPocalypse again!

This months WIPocalypse-question is:

If money – and time – were not limiters, what projects would be on your stitching bucket list?

Well, it would definitely be a Golden Kite pattern. They create amazing designs, mostly they chart paintings, with a bunch of colors (way more than Haeds) and blended colors, but they are quite expensive. On the one hand, the pattern itself is quite expensive (I really love “The Valkyries Virgil”, but I think it costs some 55$ or so, the kit with 18ct fabric and thread is 374$!!), then there is the fabric and of corse, the threads. Due to the blended colors I would need to stitch with two strands, so it basically doubles the floss costs. As a student I can’t afford all that right now, but maybe one day I will πŸ˜‰ Maybe I can save a bit of money and buy the pieces one at a time πŸ˜‰

On the time-side of this question, I would start a few big projects like Trick or Treat or one of the Aimee Stewart Bookshelves – but those are so huge and I already have so many huge projects on the go… But I would as well need a bigger frame for the Bookshelves, they would not fit on my 36″ bars…

As for my progress of this month, I worked on two projects ( I just checked out Katys post at Just a little stitching’ and she has a ton of amazing projects with so much progress to show, I feel funny having “just” two projects to show πŸ˜€ )


First up is Kreimhild’s Revenge

Last time:


And now, with page 17 finished:


Apart from that I worked on Wolf Variant. Last month we had half of the first page finished:


And now page 1 is done (finished it last night)


So I officially met my first goal for this year! =) I love how it is coming out and I will surely pick it up again soon =) This means I managed to put in 5300 stitches (and a few on Theatre which I didn’t count, 200 perhaps) in since last WIPocalypse!! =)

But I am going to put a few stitches into Eternal Promise next. I have the advantage of a daylight lamp now, so stitching it will hopefully be more comfortable. (I really love the coverage on 28ct, so it would be great if this works). Then I will decide if I will buy some 28ct or 25ct fabric for my next new start (28ct is also a bit cheaper, not much, but a bit). Because after finishing my master thesis, I will have new start!! =) I’m already gathering thins for it, I’m winding the bobbins and I will get fabric and pattern soon =)

If you want to participate in the WIPocalypse or take a look at the other participants work, just pay a visit so Measi, who is hosting this event!

I will be back in a few days with a YOTA post and some progress on Theatre!

Wolf Variant

Mhm the title isn’t very creative…. I tried to finish the first page on Wolf Variant in February, but I wasn’t very successful. I only stitched 1600 stitches, so there are still 1200 left to do. Which after all means, that I can hand it in for this months competition (finish a page), lol. But here is my progress so far, I love how it’s coming out!

I’m currently thinking about changing my blog host. I don’t really like the new wordpress editor and uploading photos has become a pain in the ass because it rarely works. I’m currently inserting photo bucket links because there is no other way (photo bucket uploaded in a second, so it can’t be my computers fault… I tried wordpress for several hours…) So blogging isn’t that much fun these days… I guess I’ll keep my eyes open for other hosts πŸ˜‰

On the stitching side, I am continuing with Wolf Variant and maybe Eternal Promise afterwards. I haven’t tried working on 28ct since I got my daylight lamp, so I will pick it up next. Apart from stitching I am reading quite a lot and started playing Harvest Moon once more, lol. So stitching time is quite rare around here.

A page-finish! =)

Well, I managed to finish page 17 on Kreimhild a few days ago, so there are just 47 more to go, lol. the page mostly contained the tree and it is as good as done (just a few more stitches on the next page). Apart from that there was some sky to stitch (never did THAT on this project…..) and there will be more sky ahead. I think the next two pages are mostly background and on page 20 or so we will se some more of Kreimhild herself (and I hope I can get there this year!). It was quite nice to stitch because it was a mix of block stitching and confetti =) Here is how she looks like now:


Eventhough I really enjoy stitching her, I decided to pull out Wolf Variant again and finish the page I started. I am part of the Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers group on Facebook and there are some competitions during the year. This year I try to take part in most (something I never did before, I mean trying this seriously) and this months competition was to stitch on a project that contains an animal! So Wolf Variant is perfect for this! I already participated with it in the January competition, which was a new start. I’m not confident that I can finish the page this month (currently 2000 stitches to go, but only 5 days), so I will also participate with Wolf Variant in March (theme is “page finish”), lol. Let’s see in how many monthly themes I can fit it!

I completely forgot, there are some new freebies on the Haed site! Most of the old freebies are gone (I think it was because they were quite old and they wanted t check/improve the shading on the freebies) and four new ones appeared.

One of them is a Wall design called QS Undine:

Freebie Undine

It’s such a beautiful piece and goes strict to the stitching list! It’s 250×250, so it’s not that small and I think it will be a stunning piece. Among the “old” freebies was “QS Foxglove Ball” by Aimee Stewart and I am glad I downloaded it some ages ago because I really love it. And one day I will stitch it πŸ˜‰


YOTA February

Well, here we go with YOTA once more! It’s time to get some UFOs done, I think πŸ˜‰ Since I am in a bad need for a finish, I decided to work on QS Theatre of the Absurd by Ciro Marchitti. It’s from the Haed Freebie SAL 2013 and now it is 2015. I really love the design and the pink colors, but it’s such a lot of confetti! So maybe that’s why I stopped working on this… Another point might be, that I am very used to my Millennium frame now, it doesn’t feel so good to stitch with a regular hand frame anymore. Besides, my Qsnap is loosing tension! I think the clamps are worn out. I guess I will get a new one once I order new fabric (my heart already yearns for new starts….). I never had any issues with my 11″ Qsnap, the clamps are still tight and secure, but 6″ Qsnap started loosing the tension quite soon. Maybe I just got a bad frame then…. Anyway, I plan on getting a new frame for the smaller projects in the near future.

Well, back the main topic, YOTA! Finish old WIPs and stuff! Someday!

At least I managed to pick this project up during January. It only got a few odd stitches during 2014, so improvements should be possible, lol. Here is what it looked like last year:


This is the only picture I took last year and basically, those few stitches added to the next column are I the only once I did in 2014. I guess I already did more stitching during January than in all of 2014……
Here is where I am right now:

Most of the flute player is done, he was a lot of confetti, but I think he looks great so far!

Apart from this I am working on Kreimhild. I haven’t done much, just a few hundred stitches (and a bunch of frogging). I am super busy learning for my last exam, which is on Thursday. There is still a lot of work to do for me, but I am very much looking forward to having the exam done!


WIPocalypse February

Well, as I a already said, I’m going to join WIPocalypse again this year =)

I guess my last WIPocalypse post was back in 2013, when I lost my blogging mojo and didn’t continue to post.

This time I try to increase my blogging rate by joining a few events and WIPocalypse is one of them. For those who found my blog through the event and don’t know me, here is a small introduction since I just got on the train and didn’t do an introduction in January.

My name is Johanna and I am from Germany. I am 23 years old (it was my birthday two weeks ago) and I am currently doing my Master degree in Mathematics. I have one exam left and I am writing my master thesis, so I am pretty busy, but the end is in sight and I hope to get started on my Phd soon. I have been stitching for about 4 1/2 years and I started blogging about 4 years ago. I usually do Haeds, but I also have a few kits (mostly dimensions gold). Apart from stitching I like to knit or read. I guess I am going to introduce all my projects as I go along, but I also created a page for this event where my projects are listed.

This months theme isΒ How do you overcome that feeling that you’re in a rut with a particular project?

Well, I usually rotate between my projects. Since I switched to parking, this is a lot easier. I can easily switch from one project to another whenever I am at the end of a column. When I loose my mojo to work on one project, I just switch to another and retry some time later. I just hope that a bit of change will make things better and that usually works for me =)

I already worked on three of my WIPocalypse projects this year and I am very happy about my progress. I did about 6100-6200 stitches in January and hope to continue with this speed.

First up is Yule Angel by Anne Stokes, I stitched the first two columns on page 4:

Before (at the end of December):Β YA1000

And after:Β YuleAngel12

Next is a new start called “Wolf Variant” by Bente Schlick. I stitched the first half of page 1 and I plan to finish this page in February:


And last but not least, my current project: Kreimhilds Revenge by Howard David Johnson. I haven’t touched her in a while, last time you could witness a row finish. This is the first half of page 17 and I want to finish that page this month:



And After:Β 43

I’ll do a full shot of her when I finish the page =) I really love the detail in the trees, it’s a nice mix of block and confetti stitching.

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