Bookreview: Black Swan Rising

Title: Black Swan Rising
Author: Lee Carroll
Bantam • Horror & ghost stories
Publication Date: 12/05/2011 • 448 pages • 198 x 127 mm • ISBN: 0553825577
Territory: UK C/Wealth ex Can • EAN: 9780553825572

Lee Carroll takes us to New York in the year 2008 to meet Garet James, a 26-year-old who spends her time making jewelry and helping her father managing a gallery. At the beginning of the story, her biggest problem is money because due to the financial crisis the art selling doesn’t go so well anymore.
When Garet gets into an antique store and the owner wants to pay her 1000$ for opening a silver box, Garet takes the chance without knowing, that this would change her entire life. Suddenly she discovers a world full of magic and finds some love, but there is also darkness waiting for her and everyone around her.

I like the style Lee Carroll uses. As she uses the first person perspective we discover the world with Garet and share her feelings, which I generally like when reading a book. The style is fluent and it’s one of those “Well, just another page”-books where you end up reading another chapter because reading goes so well.
This is more than the usual Girl-saves-the-world-and-finds-love plot. Lee Carroll put much love into the detail like in describing the situation about Garets friends and family, you really don’t need long to be familiar with the people around her.
There is that human-vampire-lovestory in it, but it doesn’t dominate the plot. It is important but you are not overwhelmed with romantic thoughts about undying love and immortality. The story doesn’t need it.
What make the book so good is the fact, that every time you think that you figured out who is good and who is evil, things just change. There has been more than one surprise in that book.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I guess I will continue to read the following book -The Watchtower- even if I usually don’t go for those vampire-stories that much.
If you love fantasy, just give it a try.

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