Bookreview: The Colour of Death

Title: The Colour of Death
Author: Michael Cordy
Bantam Press • Adventure / thriller
Publication Date: 04/08/2011 • 384 pages • Royal Octavo • ISBN: 0593060679
Territory: UK C/Wealth + Can, EU • EAN: 9780593060674

Like an angel, Jane Doe appears at a mafia-base in Portland and rescues a group of girls. But she pays with her memory. Unable to recover her name, not mentioning her past, she is taken to a psychiatry. After being unable to cope with various rooms and doctors, Nathan Fox takes care of her. He soon realizes, that Jane suffers from memories that are not her own. Step by step he discovers her unique gift of sensing memories in buildings, when suddenly a killer appears and it seems that Jane is the only link between the victims.

It takes some time to get completely into the story. The reader is thrown into a world and needs a few chapters to get to know all the main characters, which doesn’t mean that from the beginning, you exactly know who is connected to whom. You find yourself speculating about what has happened, what is happening and what will happen next. At the beginning, the book was rather hard to read for me because I couldn’t really warm-up with the story, but at the end I had to fight to put it down.
The story doesn’t lack action or distracting elements, the author’s style is fluent and the story itself is brilliant. All in all, a very good thriller.

I’m part of the Transworld Book Group!


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