Bookreview: Twelve

Title: Twelve
Author: Jasper Kent
Bantam • Horror & ghost stories
Publication Date: 01/01/2010 • 544 pages • ISBN: 0553819585 • EAN: 9780553819588

Russia, 1812. Napoleon is about to invade all of Russia, currently on his way to Moscow. The Russian officer Aleksei Ivanovich and his friend asks the help of the Oprichniki, a group of mercenaries, to fight the French. But Aleksei soon discovers, that the way the twelve strangers fight is not natural and that they are not only fighting the French, but are a danger to mankind itself.

Jasper Kent has created a wonderful historical horror novel, full of action and uncertainty. Written in the first-person-perspective we discover everything through the eyes of Aleksei. We also get to know a lot about him, his friends and his past. Paying attention to the small details of Alekseis days, we get a good overview on how it was to be soldier in Russia at the beginning of the nineteenth century. The story takes some time to develop, but it doesn’t take long until you don’t want to put down the book anymore.
Kent’s style is very fluent and easy to read. You can just sit down to read a chapter and then you suddenly find yourself having read a hundred pages.
I really enjoyed reading this book =)
And since there are other books connected to this one (next one is “13 years later” which actually take place 13 years later…), I think I am going to read them, too.

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