Page 9 on Kreimhild’s Revenge!

Yay, I did it! Page 9 is finally done =)
We have something different from sky – a tree! Or something like that… So the everlasting blue was substituted with everlasting black!
How wonderful that I just bought a pair of black scissors, it’s almost impossible to see the black thread when cutting. Managed to cut my working thread instead of the leftovers from my waste-knots once or twice…
The next page is… SKY! ;-D
There are only about 10 colors or so on the page, so I can carry the project to my boyfriends place (this means that Aurora Cabin will not get a lot of love so soon). My plan is to finish another page this years (one of my goals for the Haed BB), but I will try to stitch another page because then I would hit the 50,000 stitches mark =)
But first I will put the remaining 2000 stitches into the first page of Book End Kitties, which will hopefully not take so long (so watch out, there might be another page finish here soon).
But now, here is Kreimhild (a dinosaurs piccie for my crafty princess Alicia 😉 )

(please excuse the crinkles on the fabbie, don’t know what happened there….)

There will be a part of her hair on page 12 and on page 13 her face will finally appear! I am SO EXCITED about this! =)
But there are also Book End Kitties and Rheingold to work on (I am especially looking forward to Rheingold! I think I will go to that when I am done with the first page of BEK)
I need an additional pair of hands……

By the way, I was a good girl an did NOT buy anything in the sale 😉 And the thread for Yule Angel arrived, I have exactly 42 threads left to wind, haha 😉

Happy crafting!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sharine
    May 30, 2012 @ 23:59:58

    It is looking wonderful. And how good are you for not buying anything new?!


  2. Linda Sjöberg
    Jun 02, 2012 @ 08:45:15

    It looks really nice! I am looking forward the part where you reach her face 😉

    I couldn’t resist the sale and decided to get three charts and yesterday HAED released another JBG Vampiri-chart! 🙂


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