Bookreview – Across a Bridge of Dreams

I warned you about this ;-D I’m taking part in the current reading challenge by Transworld. There are still a few days left to sign up for the reading challenge, so if you are interested, take a look here.
So here is my first review:

The first book I chose is “Across a bridge of Dreams” by Lesley Downer.

The story is set in the 1870s in Japan.
Taka is a Geisha’s daughter from the Satsuma clan, who fought for the south and against the north during the revolution. Taka is caught between the the modern changes Japan is going through and the traditional role of her mother. One day she and her mother are attacked by another samurai, one of her fathers enemies, and saved by a young boy called Nobu. They offer him a job and Taka offers him friendship and a bit of love. But the young men is a Northener, an Aizu, so he’s an enemy.
When Nobu has to leave the house because he and Taka where to close, Taka’s heart is broken. While she tries to mend her heart, she also has to get used to the fact that her mother wants to marry her again and a new clash between the north and the south, the traditional and the modern, is drawing near. And then Nobu will probably have to fight Taka’s family.

Lesley Downer has a wonderful writing style, it’s very fluent and she pays a lot of attention to the little things. She describes the old Japan in detail, which is good for me because I usually don’t read stories set in Japan. You get a good overview on how life went in Japan. The story is not only about the unacceptable love, but also about the Japanese society. The story made it sometimes nearly made me cry.
I’m still not in love with books set in Japan, I like historical fiction, but not so much about Japan. But I am glad I read the book, it was something different from what I usually read.


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