Bookreview: The Labyrinth of Osiris

So, it has been a while since I wrote my last review. That’s not because the book was so bad or hard to read or anything, just a lack of free time.
But anyway, here is the review:

I really enjoyed this book =)
I don’t want to tell you so much about the story, if you want to read it, which I dearly recommend, I don’t want to take the tension away.
The story is partly set in Egypt and partly in Jerusalem, but there is also a small part set in other countries.
We get to know Ben-Roi from the Jerusalem police, trying to solve a mysterious murder of a woman killed in an Armenian church. By trying to solve it, he discovers more and more aspect that just don’t seem to fit together. In egypt we follow the police detective Khalifa who tries to solve the mystery of poisoned wells, maybe some anti-christian activity? And then there are various other stories,sometimes only sections of them.
The fascinating thing is, that each of the single stories is written with love, contains a lot of tension and is capturing in it’s own way. It takes quite a while to unite all the stories and then it happens so fast it’s surprising. The story is full of surprises and turns, which makes it so wonderful =)
The style is very fluent and good to read.
The book doesn’t really have chapters, just sections set in different places, which is unusual for me but okay.
What I really loved was the ending, it is again, surprising 😉
Of all three books I got so far in this challenge, this was definitely the best =) I’m really happy I joined this challenge, just for getting this book 😉


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