1935 and I got RAKed!!!

stitches left to go!I made it and put in 680 stitches over the weekend =)
There are now 4 columns left to stitch and a very partial column (just 3 stitches wide). So I am confident that I will finish this in the next rotation =) The last 200 stitches I did on this one were quite confetti heavy, so I am happy to go back to Rheingold for a week.
But here is my progress

And I got RAKed! I can’t believe it, my first RAK =)
We had an early run on the All Hallows Eve Exchange for those who wanted to do this during the sale. I took the chance, but I will also take part in the exchange at the end of the month =)
I got Mini Pumpkin Pixie by Jasmin Becket Griffith =)

It was really funny, I was very close to RAKing this chart to another lady. I was torn between this and another design, so I RAKed the other one and put this on my Wishlist I had a funny conversation about this with my boyfriend:
Me: Well, she looks a bit like me, doesn’t she?
Him: Mhm… She doesn’t look evil enough!


I don’t know when I will start this, I would love to do so soon. I really like the design and since it is a mini there is hope that I might actually finish this one day. It’s only 225×298, which is 16 pages in large format.

I will go to Rheingold for a week, but I am a bit worried. There are huge blocks of 939 to come and I only have two skins of it. So I am worried about the dye lots. I think I will try to a few skins (about 10) of one dye lot for the blocks of that color. I’m totally confused about dye lots. Some of my skins seem to have them, others not.

See the number on the right skin? I’d say, that’s the dye lot. But you can also see, that the other skin doesn’t have that number.
I ordered both skins from a German seller at the same time, I got a bunch of black at that time and have a few with and a few without those numbers.
The numbered skin says also, that it is for sale only outside the EU, does this mean that the non-EU-skins have dye lots and the others not? *confuuuused* Or is the dye lot number somewhere else?
I hope to find out soon and I guess I will leave out the blocks of 939 until I figured out weather I should stitch them now or not.

Until then,
Happy stitching =)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joyce
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 22:06:30

    Ooooh, so close, Juel… so close!!! 😀 Can’t wait to HD with you.

    Hmm…. that’s interesting about the numbers. I guess I’ve never noticed them. Good luck with the 939. I hate to use a lot of it when I stitched Metamorphosis.


  2. gladeridercrafts
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 11:23:22

    I love that kittie! I must admit, I’d never thought about floss having dye lots- I knit too, and there I’m always careful to get the same dyelot(if it’s actually feasible), but the website I order my floss from if I’m getting more than about 1 at a time uses cones, so dye lots aren’t really mentioned. Although having started reading lots of blogs about cross stitch, I’ve never seen it mentioned, so I would’ve thought you’d be alright. Fingers crossed for you anyway 🙂


  3. Sam
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 19:59:15

    Looks brill!

    Re the 310s – I find the black varies the least out of all the colours, I have the same issue with a pink in the kitties paw – it just looks too bright! Is yours bright too? I think I may be using an old skein of thread.

    Anyhow, happy stitching!


  4. Nikkin
    Oct 16, 2012 @ 20:58:58

    Ohhhh….BEK looks so great! Just a little more to go! Congrats on your RAK you got a gorgeous chart, I took part early as well, and had lots of fun. I have had issues with dye lots before. If you can, take both skeins and look at them both together in bright sunlight or natural lighting…it will usually reveal whether or not there is a slight difference in shade and sheen. All the best, can’t wait for your next update!



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