Early last WIPocalypse of the year

So, I am posting this two days before full moon because, as I told you, I am going to move. Which means that we will start moving tomorrow. Nearly all my things are now packed and the place looks rather funny now. Bad thing about this is that I am not going to have internet access until 11th January, therefore, an early post. I will try to somehow get internet access to post again before that date, but I can’t promise to do so.
I must confess that I have not been stitching the last days… So absolutely NO progress….. I’ve been knitting my Christmas gifts (one is not finished, I am happy that I still have a few days to hand it over…)
And I have been bobbinating for new year. I’m not so sure if I can finish kitting QS Theater of the Absurd this year, so maybe I’ll start a few days later. And of corse, I have been packing……..
(by the way, I am not so sure how to get the first page 😉 Maybe download it via mobile phone and then copy it unto my pc? but if I can’t get it in time, it’s not so bad that I won’t be ready for new year 😉 )
If everything goes as planned I can celebrate new year in our new place! =)

As for my Millenium frame… I got the bars and the stretchers, but not the floor stand…. I heard that they sometimes sent two packages (I ordere quite a lot of stuff), one with the frames and one with the floor stand. But I got only one package so far… I sent a mail to Needle Needs and hope we can find my floor stand soon. I already planned my stitching corner and it absolutely needs a Millenium Frame 😉

And now, enough talk, let’s have some stitching pictures! I am doing an overview of 2012. So here is my stitching progress of 2012:

My first goal was to finish SK Storykeeper. Here is where I left in 2011:
And yes, I did finish it quite soon! At the beginning of March I had my first Head finish! =)

Next up was the Head Freebie SAL for this year. I chose QS Book End Kitties and started it in early January and finished it in late October:

And there was also a new start in early June this year. I picked “Das Rheingold” and enjoyed three pages of it so far (which was also my goal):

My last goal was to put three pages into Kreimhild’s Revenge. I so much wanted to stitch another page on her, but I will call myself lucky if I manage to pick her up again this year…. Next year will definitely be Kreimhild’s year!
Here is how she looked in 2011
And here is she with a few stitches more:
I can’t believe that I haven’t stitched on her since September! That has to change…

I made another new start a few weeks ago, called Yule Angel. I am not yet done with the first page and will stay with this project until the remaining 1200 stitches of page one are done:

And there is a new chart I haven’t showed you yet… I had to get it… I call it a little Christmas present to myself 😉
It’s A passion for the future by Julie Bell
A passion for the future
It’s quite huge (625×838) with 121 pages in large format. But this design is so powerful! =)

As for next year… I am thinking about my goals an so on, but haven’t decided yet. I can only say that I will start QS Theatre of the Absurd and I think I will start Eternal Promise, too. I am also thinking about stitching a small QS that Michele offered via the facebook group some time ago. It’s called QS D Midsummer Night’s Dream and it’s really cute. I ordered the missing threads for the QS because they were only five or so. So I guess I will stitch that some time next year 😉

I’ll post my goals some time in January =)

Since I won’t have Internet access I won’t be able to follow all your blogs for some time. I’ll do my best to catch up as soon as possible =)
I am so happy to have so many wonderful followers out there who cheer my up with their comments =) Thanks for coming around here now and then and I hope we’ll see each other in 2013! =)

I hope everyone had/has a wonderful Christmas and that you all make a wonderful start in 2013 =)
Happy stitching =)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thecraftyprincess
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 21:11:48

    Hi Johanna
    Wow all your progress looks great. I particularly love Das Rheingold and Kreimhild’s Revenge. They look amazing! Good luck with your move, how exciting to set up a home together with your BF. See you next year xoxo Alicia


  2. Sharine
    Dec 26, 2012 @ 22:04:38

    You have made great progress on all of them. Good luck with your move!


  3. Lena
    Dec 27, 2012 @ 22:11:06

    Hey, dann hast du ja doch noch das ein oder andere Projekt dieses Jahr abschließen können 😀 Das ist ziemlich cool! Ich finde, man sieht gar nicht wie fummelig die Arbeit ist. Du hast meine Hochachtung!

    Liebe Grüße,


  4. Nina
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 10:03:26

    You’ve had so much in your post I wanted to comment about, that I already forgot the half of it, lol 🙂 But first must say A Passione for the Future is magnificent, I’ll be thrilled to watch your progress on it. I’d love to start it by myself but so many of my projects have been neglected that really cannot justify starting another biggie at the moment. I love the finishes you’ve had this year! It’ll be fun to stitch QS Theatre of the Absurd together, though I’m sure you’ll finish it first 🙂 Hopefully you’ll get to Kreimhild’s face next year, it would be fascinating to see how it stitches up. But I’m wishing for you a Happy New Year! And good luck with the move too, it can be a stressful time, but worth it all at the end! See you in 2013 🙂


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