Yule Angel page 2! =)

Well, I planned on posting a few days earlier but I was so close to a page finish on Yule Angel that I decided to wait until I’m done with it. I love the colors on this one and I enjoy that it is quite easy to stitch (a lot of block stitching, I already used up one skin of 939). It looks like that light bulb above her head will make an appearance on the next page, so maybe a few more colors will turn up then. But before I continue, here is my progress


Right now I feel like continuing with this one, so I guess I will make a start on page 3 today.
Apart from that I have been stitching on QS A Midsummer Nights Dream and I am nearly done with it. It’s just one and a half columns left to stitch and they don’t have so much confetti (which doesn’t mean that there is non, so it will still take a few days), so I guess that my next post here will be a finish =) After that, my big plan is to pick up the Haed SAL piece again and see how I can get along with it.

Apart form stitching I have spent my time working on my Bachelor thesis and I am nearly done! A friend of mine is reading it right now and then I will have one or two other people check the spelling and then I will hand it in 😉 I plan to reward myself with a new start then, but I am not sure if I can wait that long, lol….
I decided to get the remaining threads for Starlight, which is two colors! I thought that maybe I could just pick them up in a local store, because ordering just two colors doesn’t make much sense in my eyes. But then I noticed that the shop I wanted to get them from demands 1,20 €!!! If I order my threads online I pay 0,45 € or so… I don’t get why DMC is so expensive around here… Well, this made me order a few more threads and a bunch of needles along with those two colors, so they don’t feel so lonely on their way to me 😉
I ordered 20 size 28 needles because they are hard to get around here… A lady in a shop once told me that they didn’t exist…. hahaha….

Well, I’m going to get back to stitching now, since my friend is currently reading my thesis and I have nothing left to do, I seem to have a free weekend, wohooooo! I already managed to get some 850 stitches done yesterday 😉

A huge “Sorry” to all blogger-bloggers out there, I somehow have trouble commenting, I always get an error… I tried various times over a few days, but it didn’t work… I hope the problem will be solved soon, so I can comment on your posts again. In the meantime I can only say that I love all your stitching =)

Happy stitching and a great Sunday to all of you =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sam Long
    Aug 18, 2013 @ 13:43:59

    Love your update pic, good luck with page 3 and your finish!

    I guess they’ll be no SAL next year?

    I’m thinking not because I’m desperate to actually finish something and the SAL has taken up the majority of my time!

    Hugs! Xxxx


  2. Alicia
    Aug 29, 2013 @ 03:40:11

    Yay on getting through the second page of Yule Angel. It looks great, I love the colours. Good luck with your upcoming finish too. I must admit I’ve kind of forgotten what they feel like. I’m struggling with TOTA it just won’t cooperate with me. How awesome that you are nearly done with your Thesis, that must take a load of your mind and leave more time for stitching (double Yay).

    I tried leaving a message on this post before but it wouldn’t work so I hope this one goes through. Take care beautiful girl.
    Alicia xo


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