Eternal Promise, Yule Angel, stash and some knitting

It has been ages since I posted (I guess I was aiming for a one-post-per-week thing, but it somehow didn’t work out…I’m not that surprised… 😀 ) But now, we have an update and it’s going to be picture heavy 😉

First up are some stitching updates. I have done further work on Eternal Promise and I love how it turns out. But working on 28ct is really hard. It’s fine during the day when I can work with natural light, but it’s terrible to work on during the evenings. After stitching on this for one or two hours I am exhausted and I lost my mojo for some time. So I decided to put this down after working the first five columns. I will try and pick this up again when the days are getting brighter again (or I have more time to stitch during the day). Here is what I got so far, you can see, the coverage is amazing!

After my decision to put down Eternal Promise I picked up Yule Angel again. I haven’t done so much work on it, just one more column so far, but it stitches up quickly and helps my stitchy bug feel comfortable around here once more 😉 So, here are some violet and dark blue colors for you:
The big plan is to stick with this until page 4 is done and then take out Kreimhild again.

Next up on the agenda are my stash-additions. I have purchased some tons of yarn because I still can’t help knitting socks all the time, but didn’t take a picture so far. Maybe I will do so once I can catch good light.
But I can show you some charts I got.
First I want to announce that Bridget Taverner is going to be retired as of 6th March. You can take a look at her work here . In case you like something, there is a 35% sale these days! 😉
I took a chance to grab “White reindeer family”, which I have been looking at for some time:

The second chart I got is “The Madonna in Sorrow” by Zindy Nielsen. I just love that owl (and her eyes).
The Madonna In Sorrow

Last but not least I have some knitting to show you. As I told before, I am kind of addicted to knitting socks. I spent the last weeks knitting baby socks which are being sent to Bolivia these days (there is a lovely lady who collects socks and other things once a year to sent them over to be given to children in need). Since I am done with that I am working down a list of various people who want some socks. First up is a friend of my who gets a colorful pair of socks:
The yarn is called “Wartende Häuser” and is from the “Hundertwasser”-series by Opal. I love this series, they are inspired by paintings by Friedrich Hundertwasser and are all very colorful. I made the pattern up by myself, it’s a simple slip-stitch pattern but I think it looks nice and makes knitting more interesting.
But now I a off so I will get these socks finished.

Happy craftig =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Alicia
    Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:18:07

    You’re right the coverage in Eternal Promise is amazing and totally agree that 28ct can be a bit of an eye strain. The colours in Yule Angel make a nice change for you after all those light blues, looks great.

    I love the socks you made for your friend, they are so cute, and clever you creating your own pattern. That is so cool of you to knit socks for kids in need. You’re such a star. Looking forward to my fav girl Kreimhild.
    Take care xox


  2. Lonneke
    Mar 02, 2014 @ 15:14:46

    Love the violets and blues. 🙂
    Eternal Promise looks really good too. Good lighting is vital when stitching on 28 ct.
    (I bought the Madonna too, I think she is beautiful!)

    Great sock knitting!


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