Wolf Variant

Mhm the title isn’t very creative…. I tried to finish the first page on Wolf Variant in February, but I wasn’t very successful. I only stitched 1600 stitches, so there are still 1200 left to do. Which after all means, that I can hand it in for this months competition (finish a page), lol. But here is my progress so far, I love how it’s coming out!

I’m currently thinking about changing my blog host. I don’t really like the new wordpress editor and uploading photos has become a pain in the ass because it rarely works. I’m currently inserting photo bucket links because there is no other way (photo bucket uploaded in a second, so it can’t be my computers fault… I tried wordpress for several hours…) So blogging isn’t that much fun these days… I guess I’ll keep my eyes open for other hosts πŸ˜‰

On the stitching side, I am continuing with Wolf Variant and maybe Eternal Promise afterwards. I haven’t tried working on 28ct since I got my daylight lamp, so I will pick it up next. Apart from stitching I am reading quite a lot and started playing Harvest Moon once more, lol. So stitching time is quite rare around here.


A page-finish! =)

Well, I managed to finish page 17 on Kreimhild a few days ago, so there are just 47 more to go, lol. the page mostly contained the tree and it is as good as done (just a few more stitches on the next page). Apart from that there was some sky to stitch (never did THAT on this project…..) and there will be more sky ahead. I think the next two pages are mostly background and on page 20 or so we will se some more of Kreimhild herself (and I hope I can get there this year!). It was quite nice to stitch because it was a mix of block stitching and confetti =) Here is how she looks like now:


Eventhough I really enjoy stitching her, I decided to pull out Wolf Variant again and finish the page I started. I am part of the Stash, Stitch and Honking Raketeers group on Facebook and there are some competitions during the year. This year I try to take part in most (something I never did before, I mean trying this seriously) and this months competition was to stitch on a project that contains an animal! So Wolf Variant is perfect for this! I already participated with it in the January competition, which was a new start. I’m not confident that I can finish the page this month (currently 2000 stitches to go, but only 5 days), so I will also participate with Wolf Variant in March (theme is “page finish”), lol. Let’s see in how many monthly themes I can fit it!

I completely forgot, there are some new freebies on the Haed site! Most of the old freebies are gone (I think it was because they were quite old and they wanted t check/improve the shading on the freebies) and four new ones appeared.

One of them is a Wall design called QS Undine:

Freebie Undine

It’s such a beautiful piece and goes strict to the stitching list! It’s 250×250, so it’s not that small and I think it will be a stunning piece. Among the “old” freebies was “QS Foxglove Ball” by Aimee Stewart and I am glad I downloaded it some ages ago because I really love it. And one day I will stitch it πŸ˜‰


New start – Wolf Variant

So here we go with that blog-more-often thing. I already signed up for WIPocalypse this year (I did that back in 2012 and at the beginning of 2013, but somehow didn’t continue…) and I plan on signing up for YOTA once more, so I can motivate myself to blog more often. My YOTA project will be QS Theatre of the Absurd, since it got little love last year and I want to finish it. I’m going to add a page for WIPocalypse in the next couple of days and update the images on the side bar as well. And maybe I can even bring my stash-page up to date. There is a lot of work to do here!

I already mentioned that I made a new start. It’s “Wolf Variant” by Bente Schlick, wo has a lot of stunning designs! I even had a Bente Schlick calender once πŸ˜‰
The designs measures 525×780 stitches, which is a total of 409500 little crosses, so it’s just slightly smaller than Middle Earth (which is a little more than 420000). Those are 99 pages in large format, I just did half a page so far!
Here is how this will hopefully look like one day:
And here is my current progress:

Still a long way to go, but the colors are blending into each other so nicely and it’s real fun to stitch. I started this on 9th January, so those 2400 stitches are some 10 days of stitching, I didn’t realize that I stitched so fast. But now my exams are upcoming, so probably less time for stitching. But I will try and stitch and update here.
Nevertheless I am going to switch my project to “Kreimhild’s Revenge” once more, I just feel like spending some time with her πŸ˜‰ So I will start page 17, the first in the third row, tonight!

I hope to be back in a few days with an update =)

Long overdue post

Well, it looks like my mojo to blog is still on holiday. But at least I’m stitching, I’m just not blogging about it, but I hope to improve there soon. I have a bit of progress to share an quite a lot of stash I gut over the last months to share and still a bit which has not been captured in pictures by now.

But first of all I hope that all of you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones =)

First up is the first page on Middle Earth. I managed to finish the page by the beginning of this month. I don’t know why this took so long, I didn’t feel like stitching for a few weeks. But here it is:


I’m sorry for the low quality, but I couldn’t find my camera when I took the pic, so I used my phone. I love how this is stitching up and after visiting a hobbit-triple-feature und watching the Lord of the Rings once more (I didn’t have the time to see the double-triple-feature 😦 ) I really feel like stitching some LotR-designs. I’ll maybe pay a visit to Eternal Promise soon.

Today I also finished a page on Yule Angel, which I started at the beginning of this year. The picture could be better, too, but it’s hard to catch the colors when there is no daylight available.


It was quite nice to do some block stitching and I enjoyed the fast progress I made. Maybe I’ll stitch another column, this would mean that half of the top row would be done (it’s 400 stitches wide and I have 189 so far).

I also added a few stitches to QS Theatre of the Absurd. It hast been a WIP for so long and it’s more than half way done, so next years goal is definitely finishing that one. I didn’t take a picture, it’s just 300 stitches I added so far, so I will see if I can add another few until I share it with you.

I guess I haven’t told you about it, but I have a new boxfriend. We are a couple for some 10 weeks now and it (finally) looks promising so far. He has an obsession for Pen and Paper roleplay games and Starwars, so I decided to make a bag to keep his dices (there’s many of them…). I decided to put two starwars designs on it to make it more personal (and I basically had two finishes this month). The stitching is done, but I still need to iron and sew it. I will share a piccie when I am done (which should be during the next days).

Besides Christmas sttiching stuff, I spent my time crotcheting a huge Cthulu for a friend (already gone, so no piccie) and knitting a pair of socks for me (not finished yet, but quite). I’m also doing some fingerless gloves, so I am quite occupied these days.

My new boyfriend got me a daylightlamp for stitching and a kit with an owl design (no piccie yet, it’s still to be taken), so there is more work for me =)

Which brings us to…


I hope I don’t forget about any charts I got lately πŸ˜‰

First up are some Haed charts. Nene Thomas was retired some time ago, so I decided to grab a few charts while they were still available. So I got:

Blue Nocturnebluenocturne

Dragon WitchΒ dragonwitch

Snow Girlsnowgirl

Violet Melodyviolet

and also QS Moon IndigoMoonIndigo

During the 50%off Sale I got 4 additional charts

First is “Wolf variant” by Bente Schlick, which I love so much that I already ordered the missing threads.


Next is Ondine by Martha Dahlig. I really love this one, the pink colors are so vibrant!


Then there is also “Golden Rose” by Cris Ortega

Golden Rose

I even got myself my first Hannah Linn chart. Usually her style is not for me, but I instantly fell in love with the design and colors on “Red Riding Hood


And last but not least, Sovereign of Autumn by Msytic Moon Media, which is an incredibly powerful design


Apart from that I bought a ticket for the annual Christmas Raffle, which means another chart for me! I always thought that the charts coming with the CR were always Quick Stitches, but Suteki is actually 300 stitches wide and nearly 400 stitches high, which is quite huge. I never won the CR and I’m very unlikely to do so this year, but this charts is worth all the tickets I ever bought. The Artwork is by Aimie Stewart and the name seems to be “Suteki”. I think there are still two days left to participate, so hopp forward to the Haed Site and buy a ticket to get her and the chance to win a years full of charts:


Some of you may know that Bev from Love Thy Thread decided to close her business and just bevor her store shut, I decided two more chart from Leonid Afremov. The first one is “Alley by the Lake” and the second one is called “Quiet town”

Alley by the lake Quiet town

There are currently so many designs I want to star because they are all so beautiful and powerful! I would love to stitch Ondine and Sovereign of Autumn at once, but I guess I wont get anything done considering my stitching speed πŸ˜‰ But it’s not about finishing, but about enjoying the process of stitching, right? πŸ˜‰

I fear I lost count of all your blogs. I had some issues with my feed reader, he refused to load all the posts, but then he suddenly came up with posts from a few years ago or decided to load the same post a couple of times. So I got a new one, imported all my feeds to it and that one decided to get all the posts he could find (goes back to 2011). So I just decided to tick the “mark all posts as read” option and will try to follow your blogs from now on πŸ˜‰

I seriously hope to blog again in a few days (or at least in January, this would already be an improvement for me) πŸ˜‰

New start!

Well, my blogging mojo is still lost, but at least I am stitching πŸ˜‰ I mentioned that I made a new start and what could it be but a Lord of the Rings design? πŸ˜‰

So here is my start on the large version of the Middle Earth map =) I got this chart a while ago and finally got down to starting it. It’s a lot of fun to do because it’s a mix of confetti and block stitchin, but boy, it’s HUGE!

This is the large version and it’s 750×562 stitches, so 421500 stitches in total! I guess this is may be my largest project so far. I’m stitching the large chartversion, so it’s 60 pages. I’m stitching on 25 count DMC Magic Guide, 1over1. This is the first time I’m using magic guide and I really like it. I don’t like to stitch on white fabric, I prefer ivory oder so because it’s easier for my eyes, but the gridding is really useful (and I don’t have to do it myself), so I can live with the white fabric. I always imagined the magic guide to be quite expensive, I usually by my Lugana in full meters (well it’s 1,70 meters wide) and that might still be cheaper around here, but the difference is not so much and I wanted to try the magic guide. Donna from Cross Stitch HeavenΒ sells the fabric precut even for large designs! So it was more than easy to get a fitting piece to try this =)


Anyway, here is how this will hopefully look like one day:


And here is what I have so far, first page is half way done, nearly 4000 stitches in:


I somehow have the feeling that this will take a while to complete……

A row finish! And a post, lol….

Well, I usually lose my stiching mojo and feel like blogging without having anything to blog about but this time it’s different. I stitched (a bit during) the last weeks and made some progress, especially during the last week, but I completely lost my mojo to blog! LOL!
I really don’t know I ended up with not blogging for nearly two months!
At first I didn’t have much to show because I had an exam at hand and didn’t spent much time stitching. So it took me until the end of July to finish the second row. Before I start rambling about what happened I guess I will show you a pic of Kreimhild how she looks now:


You know, life sometimes is very stressfull. At the beginning of July I started to feel stressed and it got worse. I had a lot to do for university /exam, a seminar and my masterthesis) which is usually fine. But I had some trouble with friends also and since I am very sensible person who tends to do (nearly) anything for her friends even if it means taking their worries and wishes upon me, I managed to stress myself even more. Some people just have a certain habbit to put more pressure and expectations on me that I can handle and this came on top of my stress at university. I also had some trouble with my mom, which obviously didn’t help. Well my last real relationship (I had some intermezzos but they only lasted a few weeks, nothing with real feelings, just didn’t work) ended 15 months ago, there is still some damage to cope with and now and then my feeling go up and down and spin around and I don’t know if I should enjoy it or hide somewhere.
I think all these things are not that bad if they happen on their own, but it all happened at once, so in the middle of July I was totally done.
So I went on holiday!

I booked a nice little room in a town called “Norden” which lies by the sea. I had to walk some ten minutes to the sea and even though I don’t go swimming I absolutely enjoyed it there. They have a Wadden Sea (dict.cc claims that this is the term!) there and I really enjoyed walking through it (running through the mud was along my favorite things as a child). I spent the evenings walking along the dike and sitting there reading an these few days I had of were fantastic. If I had know how good it felt to be there on my own I surely would have stayed longer.
This is actually the first time I went on holiday completely on my own. As a child I went with my parents or with a group of other youths and after that I used to go with my current boyfriend. And I really must say… It was great to have those days without anyone telling me what to do and complaining about something πŸ˜€ I didn’t do much, lying in the sun at the beach or the dike, I went to visit the island Norderney for one day, but I spent most of my time walking an reading, just as I wanted πŸ˜‰ I guess I will do this more often, I feel way better since I am back from the trip πŸ˜‰

This is what I enjoyed every evening =)

Well, after my little holiday I spent 5 days in Bochum and then went to Berlin with a friend for a few days. I never went there before and I am not sure if I will go there again. the town is just to big and there are to many people there for me. But we had a few nice days and since last Wednesdays I am really back at home. So back to studying πŸ˜‰ And blogging (hopefully)

I hope I will find the motivation to take a piccie of my current WIP, which is a new start and already hast some 1,700 stitches in AND to blog about it πŸ˜€ And catch up with your blogs. I opened my feed reader yesterday and it hat 450 unread posts. I guess I just scan most of them πŸ˜€

Until then I hope you all enjoy your stitching and survived this extra long rambling post (congratulations if you are still reading :D) πŸ˜‰

Kreimhild – We’re getting closer to a row-finish =)

So here I am again, I’m getting better with posting here because it’s only 12 days since my last post here =) I have been working on Kreimhild for the last days and I feel like making a giant amount of progress. There is only sky (and a bit of a tree which will yet appear) left in this row so it goes quite fast. I am already more than half way through page 15 and page 16 is not even two columns wide. There are exactly four columns left to finish the second row of pages and I am so eager to stitch them. (well, I already made a start on the next column)
But I guess you are eager for a piccie, so here is my lady:


I guess I will provide you with the next post when the row is done (I hope it will go fast, but I also have to start learning for an exam which I have to do next month).
My threads for Middle Earth and Bilbo have arrived and I already started winding bobbins. While winding them I’m currently watching the second season of “Vikings”, I guess I have a new favorite series (Travis Fimmel as Ragnar Lothbrok sure has a part in this… and well, the shield maidens also πŸ˜‰ )

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